Edgars Mednis MD

I’ve graduated from the Latvian Academy of Medicine, the faculty of Paediatrics, in 1995. For 9 months I worked as the circuit paediatrician. That was kind of a pregnancy for me, because then I realized that I want to work in closer contact with my patients and provide them with an individual approach. While working in paediatrics I started studying homeopathy. I have studied homeopathy from Latvian and Kiev homeopathy school teachers. One of my major authorities in homeopathy is the Italian homeopath Dr. Roberto Petrucci. I still continue to attend his lectures and courses.

At that time the lectures gave me the missing link to truly understand homeopathy. In addition, over the years I have studied psychology by known Latvian psychologists and psychotherapists – Andra Plotniece and Viesturs Rudzītis. Of course, I have learned a lot directly from my patients. Recently I gained major positive impressions in the seminar organized by the International Coaching Institute (St. Petersburg), led by Amina Knowlan and Philipp Guzenjuk.
I do really believe human health is based on a positive attitude, first of all, to themselves as well as to the environment and other people. Consequently, we can change a lot by changing ourselves in order to be healthy. And it does not always require medication or special treatment. Often it is enough to talk – to be able to change the focus. Today I give my patents homeopathic consultations together with the advice what can be done for their benefit and wellbeing. I believe this is a strong argument not to get sick with an acute or chronic disease. Therefore I would like to call myself a health coach. Instead of the classical terminology of medical doctor.

Education: Latvian Medical academy, faculty of Pediatrics.

– pediatrician,
– Homeopath.

Experience: since 1995. MRC “Valeo”, SWH Medical center, private praxis, “Bobath center Attīstība”, Institute of Homeopathy.

Member of the international homeopathic medical society “Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis”.

Consulting in case of:
– Bronchial asthma,
– Enuresis,
– Allergic diseases – atopic dermatitis, neurodermitis e.t.c.,
– Urinary tract infections,
– Viral infections,
– Neurologic diseases – epilepsy, insomnia, vegetative disorders,
– Joint diseases,
– and different acute cases.

Consulting in Latvian, Russian and English.

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