Method Marte Meo

From Latin Marte Meo means “with their own forces”. This method is created by Maria Aarts from the Netherlands. Currently it is used in more than 38 counties in the World. In Latvia this method introduced Ilona and Gatis Buši. Method Marte Meo gives specific answers to parents’ questions about interaction, children development and rising. Behind every child’s problem behavior hides message: “I have not developed something yet. You, adults, try to notice an understand it!” But method Marte Meo is not only for parents, who have some difficulties with child’s behavior, but also for those, who wants to develop child’s capabilities and personality even from the first moments of life.


Method is big support for specialists working with children with special needs, where development requires a lot more time and support, where little development achievements requires proficiency of “special celebrating”.


Method helps specialists to answer parent’s questions “What to do?” To see child’s development request behind child’s problematic behavior and step by step realizing it.


For working with method Marte Meo has no age limit. It is useful for parents, who want that the time, which is spent together, is valuable Using method Marte Meo are developed adults capability to collaborate, to support, to notice child’s chances of development, to be able to use their recourses and to solve situations using Your own force. Difficult situations can make into development opportunities.  And it can be done easily, having fun and gratification!


Consulting of Marte Meo takes place step by step. The parent of child tells to specialist the situation and asks questions. Next step: Marte Meo consultant takes a video for 5 – 10 minutes with child and adult in daily situation (for ex. playing, studying, eating, dressing up etc.), or in consulting office. 3rd step. Specialist analyzes the video, revealing child’s developmental needs. In the next consultation specialist shows successful frames to parent and highlights good communication moments, so strengthening parents natural competence – natural ability to be a parent. Is explained and stressed what support from adult is needful in daily life to encourage child’s development.


This method uses psychologist:

– Amanda Zariņa.


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