Psychologist’s consultations for children, adults and families

Psychology is a science, which is dealing with individual’s consciousness research and description. Psychology is classified variously – as natural science, (physics, chemistry, biology), also as social science (sociology, politics) an as humanitarian science.


Generally in psychology are many directions, starting with branches like sports psychology to practical psychology (ex. Psychotherapy or psychology of organizations).


Psychologist works using psychological methods (emphatically attitude, reflecting feelings, active listening etc.) and provides psychological help. The help can be different – consulting, therapeutic, supportive, informative, in some cases he/she can suggest another specialist.


Competency of psychologist is consulting. People often go to psychologist with some specific problem. Mostly, this problem is current. In the process of consulting psychologist affects only a part of the personality, which is related to the addressed problem. In other words, in the process of consulting is being worked with presence (in some cases are being analyzed also past events).


In consulting is being talked about specific situation and specific problem. Psychologist can work, example, with problems such as disturbing feelings – fear, alert, jealousy, anger, feeling of inferiority, feeling of loneliness a. o. If there are difficulties with building lasting, friendly, full of love, intimate relationships, difficulties in raising child, disagreements in work, choice difficulties, problems in family life or in other word, You can visit psychologist with any psychological problem.


Consulting psychologist:

– Amanda Zariņa (consulting in latvian and russian).

– Marika Blumberga

– Inese Bērziņa


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Jautājumi / Atbildes

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