Handling instruction

We offer for nascent and new parents to visit classes, where you can get to know how to work with your baby in the right way. Classes includes suggestions how to dress your baby, how to change diapers, lift and carry your child, also how to swing and to bed your child (ex. in case of stomach colic).


The mother will be taught about proper breast feeding poses. There will be given advices how to encourage your child`s development using games. The classes are recommendable for both parents. During classes parents could learn how to take care of your child, using the doll. Acquirements will make you more confident, even in the puerperal institution.


Handling is one of Bobath’s elements, which includes instructions how to take care of your baby right. It gives you a chance to conduct your babies’ development in natural way. This technique helps to structure and make better babies posture. The basic principal is to “placing to centre line”. The baby, if you correctly work with him, feels his own movement, gets to know them and in the long run – will work along with you. As the baby starts to move with you, he gets to know how to hold his own head and starts rolling. Use of handling technique detracts the risk of wrong muscle disbalance or wrong posture. Handling should acquire and use it every day all members of family, who do something with a child – for parents, grandparents and nannies.


In classes you will practically get to know babies:

– diapers change,

– dressing,

– lifting,

– setting,

– feeding poses,

– laying,

– holding,

– carrying.


These acquirements will encourage your babies’ symmetry, right movement development in natural way. The baby, feeling his family members right his motion performing every day, works with you and acquire first acquirements, for an example, rolling, and get to know his body better. With right every day care, you will help your child to develop.


In the classes you can practically try these acquirements with the help of physiotherapist, as well as, ask questions about babies’ development.


To classes you must take with you:

– good mood,

– a desire to learn.


You can apply for individual classes by calling to contact numbers.

Approximately, one time a month there are Handling classes in group. See section Lections.


Our physiotherapists:

Gunta Veilande

Solvita Ķerve

Jeļena Kolmakova

Anna Posikaļuka

Viktorija Radzeviča



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