Physiotherapist is a medical person – functional specialist, which evaluate persons physical functional condition, analyses its impact to persons weekly activities (it includes work) and connection with feelings (ex. pain).


Physiotherapists are performing different examination methods for children and adults:

-evaluation of posture and pace,

-define active and passive amount of movement in all joints,

-evaluate muscularity functions (strength and length), muscularity and ligament tense,

-motorical development in the room of body sense,

-define balance and coordination reactions,

-evaluate heart and blood-vessels systems reaction to physical load,

-evaluate breathing systems functions and breathing stereotypes.



After examination, the physiotherapist develop appropriate remedial gymnastics program, offered different therapy methods – medical teiping, classical massage, various soft tissue techniques, according to acquired qualification.


Physiotherapist consultation is recommended for people in all ages:

– which has bones and joints problems,

– backache in various regions,

– breathing systems illnesses (bronchial asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis),

– heart blood-vessels problems,

– after injuries (different joint breaks, twists),

for women in pregnancy period and in childbed.


For babies and newborns, physiotherapist evaluates:

-child’s psyhomotorical development,

-muscular tonus,

-passive and active amount of movement in joints,

-breathing stereotypes.


After babies and little children evaluating, physiotherapist does parents tuition (handling, poses of breath feeding, do consultations about appropriate toy choice, according to child’s age).



Also chooses appropriate therapy method – gymnastics according to Bobat’s therapy principal (for various growth disorders of child), also uses other physiotherapy techniques – muscles stretching, soft weft techniques.


Our physiotherapists:

– Jelena Kolmakova,

– Anna Posikaluka,

– Gunta Veilande (for children)

– Solvita Ķerve,

– Viktorija Radzeviča


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