Homeopathy is medical branch, which use natural substances in treatment takes care of increasing the body’s defenses, also for purification from chemical pollutions. Homeopathy treats both chronic and acute diseases.


In 1796 German doctor Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) defined the basic rule of homeopathy: similia similibus currentur (equal treats equal). That means, substances, which are capable to induce damages in healthy organism, are used to treat equal interferences in ill person. 2000 years ago Hypocrite was talking about treating equal with equal, but formally it was systemized by Hahnemann. Homeopathic remedy works exactly and stimulant to organisms self-adjusting mechanism.


The second homeopathy basic rule is treating individualization. That means, the chosen remedy must be as far as possible similar to patients and illnesses nature. To define the principal of similarity must bear in mind the symptoms of illness, patients’ constitution, personality, temper and genetically deviation.


The third is – the rule of minimal dose principal. Homeopathy uses very dilute substances, which are also called as ultramolekular dilutes and the shaking (potentiating) of these dilutes at the time of making is the uppermost element in the making of homeopathic remedies.


Especially good homeopathic treating can help at the time of pregnancy. The most often symptoms at the time of pregnancy are heart – circulatory systems disorders, nervousness, herpes, anemia, back and joint ache, sleep disorder and vagina infection. The biggest part of chemical remedies goes through the placentary barrier and, so it endangers the foetus. In this situation it would be the best to use homeopathic remedies, which cannot do any damage to both pregnant woman and foetus. Women`s health has decisive meaning at the time of pregnancy and bearing. If at the time of pregnancy and before it a woman has used only healthy things and in case of necessity homeopathic remedies, doctors observe less bearing complicacy and children born healthier.


If in the parturition needs surgical interference, then homeopathic remedies will help to avoid complications and will grow down the recovery period.


Also at the time of breastfeeding homeopathy can help. Mastitis (milk glandules inflammation) is frequent problem, whose solving with chemical remedies can harm the child.


Homeopath treats children and grownups with classical homeopathy method in the following cases:

– bronchial asthma,

– enuresis,

– allergic illnesses (incl. atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, gynecological illnesses, digestive apparatus problems etc.), internally pathological condition,

– thyreoid gland a. o. endocrine systems illnesses,

– ureter infections,

– neurological illnesses incl. epilepsy, insomnia, vegetative dystonia,

– physical and emotional disorders,

– joint illnesses,

– also various acute conditions.


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