Mercury Fillings, Root Canals, Cavitations – What You Need to Know

Is your mouth making you sick?

You can tell a lot about a person’s health by the condition of their mouth. It’s almost impossible to have a sick body and a healthy mouth or to have a healthy body and a sick mouth. You can, however, have a sick mouth and not know it. Your mercury filling can be leeching mercury particles or mercury vapor that is poisoning your tissues. Your root canal or your jawbone can be oozing potent toxins, even though you feel no pain.
Brian’s Amalgam (mercury) Fillings

Brian was an honor student at age fourteen. Within a month after his trip to the dentist, his world changed. Suddenly he experienced ongoing fatigue and a “brain fog” so severe he could not concentrate for more than ten minutes at a time. Honors classes became a thing of the past, while Brian, who had always been a happy well adjusted teen, grappled with suicidal thoughts.

Ten years later Brian was searching the web for a means to treat his persistent body acne when one site said the treatment probably wouldn’t work unless mercury fillings were removed first. After a little research, Brian realized his fatigue, lack of attention, fogginess, and the metallic taste in his mouth all coincided with the dental visit when he acquired ten amalgam (mercury) fillings in his teeth. Just the removal of the first three amalgams resulted in a dramatic increase in mental clarity.
Melanie’s Root Canal

Melanie was a young mother of two children and a housewife when she became ill. First her ear began popping every time she swallowed and she could feel the pressure of fluid in her ear. Soon it was hard to swallow. Gynecological problems were followed by systemic symptoms of overwhelming pain and fatigue. Eventually, Melanie, sick as she was, was forced to go get a job in order to pay her medical bills. She was miserable and in constant pain until the day she had her dead tooth pulled. Before any of her symptoms began, Melanie had an infected tooth and a subsequent root canal. Although she experienced no pain at the site, the tooth was the root of her health problems. She felt better the first day that tooth was pulled, and all of her symptoms disappeared with a few months.
Nicole’s Cavitations

Soon after having her wisdom teeth removed, Nicole experienced extreme chronic pain on her left side, overwhelming fatigue, hair loss, “severe brain fog” and an increase in allergies and chemical sensitivities. She regained some of her health through an organic diet (alleviation of the chronic pain and brain fog) before finding information about cavitations—infections in the crater and bone left behind after an extraction. Now that her infections are being treated, her other symptoms are disappearing as well; her hair is growing back and she has fewer allergies and chemical sensitivities.
Mercury, root canals, and extractions can be the root of many illnesses

Few people are aware that auto-immune disease, chronic illnesses, and acute illnesses may be related to mercury poisoning from dental fillings or unresolved infection involving a root canal or extraction. In our society, conventional medicine and conventional dentistry both separate the mouth from the rest of the body, not realizing the synergistic relationship between each tooth and vital organs or the mouth’s ability to create systemic illness.

A tooth is arguably an organ in itself, and many holistic dentists view it as one. Each tooth is also connected to other organs, tissues, glands etc. through the meridians of the body. Disease with a dead tooth (root canal) or bone and tissue disease due to extractions (cavitations) not only leech toxins into the body, causing a challenge for the immune system, there is also a deleterious effect on organs and tissues of the corresponding meridian. This meridian connection goes both ways. “…my studies kept bringing me back to the role of dental procedures and dental diseases in general health conditions and to how oral disease is often a sign of systemic illness,” writes Dr. Alison Adams, a former dentist who became a naturopath. Systemic illness is also often a sign of undiagnosed oral disease.
Mercury fillings–amalgam

Mercury fillings slowly leech mercury and mercury vapor, causing a multitude of problems in the body including disruption of the nervous system, the immune system, the circulatory system, and the reproductive system. Mercury can damage the brain, heart, kidneys, and lungs—virtually every organ and every system in the body.

Mercury binds selenium, keeping it from fighting cancer cells. Nearly every process in the body relies on sulphur—hormones, enzymes, nerve tissue, and red blood cells, but mercury binds to sulphur, inactivating it.

Mercury binding to proteins may affect the immune system’s ability to recognize cancerous cells and normal cells, resulting in cancerous cells growing while the immune system attacks normal, healthy tissues resulting in auto-immune disease. It decreases liver detoxification and breaks DNA.

Mercury is found in the center of tumors. It plays a major role in reproductive and endocrine cancers. It also collects in the mouth and jaw with heavy collections of mercury in cavitations.

Mercury creates an anaerobic environment, one in which Candida flourishes. When mercury fillings are removed and a mercury detox is completed, Candidiasis significantly improves or resolves.

Dr. Adams states, “There are many thousands of documented cases where removal of amalgam fillings when combined with mercury detoxification and nutritional support has cured or significantly improved serious health problems including cancers such as multiple myeloma and leukemia.”

Mercury fillings can be removed and replaced, though it is imperative to your health that you choose a properly trained dentist to perform the removal, one who will make every effort to minimize your mercury exposure throughout the process. Look for biological dentists (those who practice holistic care).

In the meantime, it is important to continue a diet and supplement regime to aid your body is releasing the mercury already in your system as well as the mercury your fillings continue to release into your body with each day.

It is best to get your amalgam fillings properly removed as soon as possible. Do not ignore your need to keep flushing mercury from your body before and after the procedure.
Root canals

After a root canal is performed, the tooth is dead. The remaining tissue and structure now provides a ripe environment for infection. Tooth material (dentine) is not solid. It is rife with tubules—incredibly small canals or tunnels. If you were to stretch out the tubules in each tooth, tubules from incisors would reach 3 miles, while tubules from molars would reach 9 miles.

Once the pulp is removed from the tooth, there is no longer a blood or oxygen supply. The bacteria that remain can mutate to an anaerobic form and multiply until there are millions living within the tubules of the dead tooth. From there, they secrete potent toxins.

Holistic practitioners are finding these dead teeth are often a source of disease for the body—everything from unexplained symptoms to cancer. For example, Dr. Garcia tells of a woman who consulted several doctors for a mysterious swelling in one leg. Within one day after Dr. Garcia removed the woman’s tooth (an old root canal), the swelling was gone. When Dr. Thomas Rau, a Swiss physician who specializes in breast cancer, learned of the possible link between root canals and cancer, he investigated his last 150 patients and found that 97% of them did have one or more root canals—and they were on the same meridian side of the body as the cancer!

A dead tooth may spew toxins into the body with no detectible symptoms—no pain, no swelling of the gums—nothing to alert you that it is wrecking havoc upon your immune system and causing chronic and acute medical conditions that you are attempting to cure.

Speak with your holistic dentist about extracting and replacing cadaverous teeth and how to proceed with ongoing dental care. In the meantime, you must eat a diet that aids you in detoxing, while building the immune system.

Cavitations are infection of the bone after tooth extraction. It is believed that most of these infections are caused by two things: leaving the tendon that was attached to the tooth and not excavating the site of infection. Another cause may be the use of drugs during the procedure that cut off the blood flow to the site.

The best practice is to clean out the site, remove any dead tissue, bone, and the tendon, then allow the blood to clot. This blood clot forms the site for new cells to grow, to actually fill in the missing bone and build new healthy tissue. A dry socket or a closed site over active infection does not allow this healing process to occur.

When cavitations occur, they are often asymptomatic. Although the bone is being eaten by nasty anaerobic bacteria, there may be no pain. The bacteria, however, is exuding powerful toxins that may be causing damage to your immune system or the toxins may be the underlying cause of your chronic health condition(s).
Living with Toxic Teeth

Whether you are dealing with mercury, root canals, or cavitations, your immune system is under attack. Toxins or heavy metals are bombarding it, so you must give your immune system all of the nutritional support possible, while doing your best not to add to its burden.

Ideally, one would get their teeth fixed. Obviously there are many reasons why this isn’t always possible because of finances and many other reasons. If you are getting you teeth fixed, do lots of research and make sure your dentist is competent and knowledgeable of the health implications. If you need to wait, or for what ever reason, you’re stuck with a toxic mouth, there are steps you can take to dramatically reduce the dire effects of these common dentistry procedures.

To give your immune system support, eat a wide variety of nutrient dense foods. To avoid adding to your immune system’s burden, make sure those foods are organic. This is not the time for your immune system to have the additional burden of pesticides and herbicides or artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, MSG, GMOs or trans fats.

Your diet should consist of 80% fresh, raw, organic vegetables and fruits (more vegetables than fruits), and the remaining 20% should be whole foods as well. Refined sugars should be eliminated.

Many fruits and vegetables, especially when they’re eaten raw, chelate heavy metals and remove other toxins from the body. Both raw garlic and cilantro are well known for their powerful chelating properties. Try Shillington’s Total Tonic Recipe (or buy it here) to help restore health, balance PH, strengthen the immune system, and help pull heavy metals from the body:

1 Handful of Garlic Cloves
1 Handful of chopped Onions
1 Handful of chopped Ginger
1 Handful of chopped Horseradish
1/2 handful of chopped Habanero Peppers

Throw in a blender and cover with an inch or two of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

All ingredients should be ORGANIC, but don’t let that stop you from making this great formula. You can use the mash right away or wait two weeks and tincture.

We also recommend HM Chelate –from Pure Encapsulations (it doesn’t pull out important minerals like many other chelation supplements do). The combination, with a healthy diet, will work remarkably well to pull out heavy metals and other toxins. Be sure to drink lots of water as well. Better yet, check out this cranberry stevia lemonade recipe.

When dealing with mercury fillings, cavitations, and root canals, repairing (if necessary) and boosting the immune system is of paramount importance. Garlic should be your new best friend. Always keep the gut as healthy and balanced as possible. The idea is to make your blood uninhabitable to harmful pathogens (and Shillington’s Blood Detox can help with that, too). The human body can handle a heavy toxic burden when the diet is right and the body is getting lots of nutrition. Combine that with immune boosting, anti-pathogen herbs and supplements and some people find themselves healthier than the average person without those dental toxins in their mouths.

Take care of your teeth and gums as best you can. See Heal Cavities, Gum Disease, Naturally. Here’s a recipe from that article that everyone with any teeth or gum issues should have. Below that, we also have Shillington’s Blood Detox recipe. This is a very powerful tincture (and it comes as a tea, too); it’s life changing; it’s the most powerful tincture I know of for overall better health.
Doc Shillington’s Tooth and Gum Formula Recipe (click here to purchase):

(Use organic ingredients whenever possible).

10 oz Echinacea Tincture
1/4 cup of Tea Tree Oil
4 oz. Bayberry Tincture
2 oz. Oak Gall (or 3X Oak Bark) Tincture
2 TBS. Cayenne Tincture
2 1/2 Dropperfuls of Peppermint Oil
2 1/2 Dropperfuls of Clove Oil

A dropperful is considered to be about 1/2 way up the dropper from a two ounce bottle.
Doc Shillington’s Blood Detox Recipe:
Blood Detox Tincture (click here to purchase):

(Mix the following by volume, and make a standard tincture using 100 proof vodka as your menstrum)

2 – parts Red Clover Blossoms
2 – parts Chaparral
1 – part Lobelia
1 – part Cayenne
1 – part freshly chopped Garlic Bulb
1 – part Burdock Seed & Root
1 – part Poke Root
1 – part Yellow Dock Root
1 – part Goldenseal Root
1 – part Oregon Grape Root
1 – part Blood Root Sap
1 – part European Mistletoe
1 – part Periwinkle Flowers

Blood Detox Tea (click here to purchase):

Use the exact same herbs as above in exactly the same proportions and make as a decoction only. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 15 minutes, then drink.

Most importantly, detoxify regularly, eat a strict diet with lots of raw produce, and take additional measures to keep the immune system exceptionally strong.


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