About Us

The birthday of Āgenskalna klīnika is on the 9th of February in 2010!


  • The purposes of Āgenskalna klinika are to take care of our clients’ health and enjoyment of movement. We offer individual access to patient treatment and we are one of the first medical center in Latvia which is based on homeopathic treatment. One of the basic principles of treating patients is to treat them on the whole, without harming the organism.



  • There is a pleasant and lovely atmosphere in Āgenskalna klīnika. Here You can feel like at home. Children can play in the play corner, where the time passes unnoticed and often they would like to stay there a little longer. Our clients approvingly evaluate our specialist work and polite service. Many have said that here in Āgenskalna klīnika are working, probably, the best administrators in Riga.


  • For Your accommodations here is available free Wi-Fi! Ask adminstrator.


  • Āgenskalna klīnika is working every working day. You must make an appointment to our specialists and You can do that also on the holiday. It is no need for a referral from Your family doctor to get our services. We always try to make the appointment to our specialists in more comfortable time for our clients.


  • Āgenkalna klīnika is situated in Riga, Liepājas str. 34. It’s easy to get to us by public transport and also by car, which You can leave near the Clinic at the parking while You are seeing our specialists.


  • We have made the direct payment contract with insurance corporation “BTA”.


  • For other insurance companies our clinic gives You a receipt from the cash desk with Your data, in case of need we can write mandatory form, which You can hand in to Your health insurance company. But patient, probably, must coordinate this option beforehand with his insurance company.


  • It is possible to pay for our services with major credit cards, except “American express”.


Jautājumi / Atbildes

Ar prieku atbildēsim uz visiem jūs interesējošajiem jautājumiem. Lūdzu norādiet savu vārdu, e-pastu, un jautājumu vai problēmas aprakstu. Atbildi nosūtīsim uz norādīto e-pastu. Ja vēlaties saņemt atbildi nekavējoties, lūdzu sazinieties ar mums izmantojot lapas augšā norādīto kontaktinformāciju.


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